A PHANTOME labs project

Phage metagenome plotter

The phage metagenome plotter, v1.0

This is an experimental service from PHANTOME.

We have compared all phages to all publicly available metagenomes, The images you see show the coverage of phages against those metagenomes. These comparisons were done with TBLASTX, and so they are DNA-DNA comparisons but in protein space.

The blue bars are the individual reads in the metagenome, approximately scaled as best we can (it is hard to squeeze a 100bp read into 800 pixels!). The vertical position of the bar reflects the percent identity of the similarity, with a scale shown on the left.

The green columns represent the coverage in number of reads per base pair along the genome. Again, the scale is indicated on the left axis.

You can choose phage genome, and see what metagenomes it is similar to. Only those metagenomes with more than ~100 hits are shown. You can either choose the metagenomes from the panel on the left, or from the pull down menu. You can also change the phage, and provided there is similarity to the currently chosen metagenome, you will see the new image.